No Regrets with Seth

Will God crush your dreams because you can’t get your act together? How do Christians handle guilt for past wrongs? What about continuing sin? Will Go...View Details

Josh Curtis has a story that some may not categorize as being filled with mercy and grace. But God has shown himself to be merciful and gracious in Jo...View Details

Why We Love the Church

Today Cody is joined in the studio by Nate Clancy. They answer the question why they love the Church. Churches are often so divided because of scandal...View Details

TUNE IN TO THE END OF THE SHOW TO HEAR SHIPWRECKED SOULS BY DANIEL HEFFINGTON ORIGINAL. Daniel Heffington is a familiar face in Northern Virginia, esp...View Details

The Holy Spirit indwells individual Christians just like it indwelt the Temple. We are the Temple of God on Earth now. God hears our prayers and acts....View Details


Christians are called to be a light in a dark and dying world; To be in the world but not of the world in order to seek and to save the lost - like Je...View Details

Part 1 of 2 in our Series on Prayer Today Ethan and Seth discuss the foundations of prayer. How can we approach the Holy God as sinful people? In shor...View Details

Mawwiage! In today's age, marriage is the subject of much debate. Since it's institution, the Enemy has not only redefined marriage, but we've also lo...View Details

The Holiness of God

Have you ever stopped to consider that God is holy? His holiness is so profound that it is echoed three times in Revelation as the cherubim worship hi...View Details

Apathy in Men

On today's episode the guys talk about Apathy in Men and the biblical response.  Apathy is commonly defined as emotionlessness, or a reduction in both...View Details

Imago Dei Part 2

On today's part two episode the guys continue thier conversation about the Image of God, or "the Imago Dei" and why God created Man in His own image a...View Details

Imago Dei Part 1

On today's episode the guys talk about the Image of God, or "the Imago Dei" and why God created Man in His own image and likeness. Co-host: Cody, Etha...View Details

The State of Theology

On today's episode the guys talk about Ligonier Ministries 2018 survey on what American Evangelicals believe in 2018: The State of Theology. (Click to...View Details


On today's episode the guys talk about anxiety and share some personal stories of their own struggles and victories. And today we have a special guest...View Details

Theology Matters

On today's episode the guys discuss the reasons why everyone is a theologian and why healthy biblical...Theology Matters. Co-host: Cody, Ethan, Seth

...View Details

Studying Scripture

On today's episode the guys talk about the importance of studying and reading scripture. Co-host: Cody, Ethan, Seth

https://www.shieldwalldiscipleshi...View Details

Bible Translations

On today's episode the guys go over the topic of Bible Translations. Why are there so many different versions? How do we know which one to trust? Sinc...View Details

The Trinity

On today's episode the guys discuss the biblical and historical doctrine of The Trinity. We've included the Definition of the Council of Chalcedon (45...View Details

Welcome to the Wall

On today's episode the guys discuss the origin of the Shieldwall ministry. Shieldwall started in 2014 as a Bible study for young adult men in the Nort...View Details

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