Shieldwall Podcast is a Production of Expository Discipleship.
Founded in 2014, Cody started Shieldwall as a Bible study for young adult men in the Northern Virginia area. Meeting every Saturday morning at 9 am in various coffee shops, these young men were committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, prayer and the study of God’s Word. Those who are involved with our Bible studies seek renewal and reformation in their own hearts, homes, towns and churches.
In 2017, sensing a call to encourage and strengthen the local church’s discipleship efforts, Shieldwall launched their website ministry which modified its reach and mission to make practical resources for discipleship.
In 2018 The Shieldwall Podcast was launched with Co-Hosts Cody and Ethan. The purpose of the Podcast was to record conversations about doctrine and discipleships and address pressing issues in the church and in the culture.  
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