Join us as we explore the theme of wisdom through a look at the artsy truths of Ecclesiastes. The lens of Christian morality shows us things in "black and white". Nevertheless, you've likely found by living your life in pursuit of Christ that life happens when we can see the gray areas and live there, not as some muddled understanding of morality (which is still black and white), but with the inclusion of God's saving GRACE that sustains us. Without it, without Jesus, we're lost, unsaved, and naive.

Every once in a while, scripture gets set to music in a way that's memorable with a little help from who sings it or how popular they are, but most importantly for the words they sing. Ecclesiastes 3 provided many musicians with the opportunity to spread more of the wisdom of the Bible to countless people. But what about now? When times are uncertain, are we willing to rest in the knowledge that this book of wisdom is exactly that...a God-breathed encouragement that sometimes, life is great, and sometimes, it's just plain crazy. The brokenness of the world, perhaps most clear today in this current pandemic of COVID-19, is neither a surprise nor illogical to us as Christ followers. However, it can be tempting to let our hearts be invaded by panic, anxiety, and fear in the face of a spreading, dangerous virus. We can cling to the comfort and wisdom God gives us all throughout the Bible, and to the sage reminders in Ecclesiastes this week in particular: as we seek to be people of peace to one another, we understand there will be ups and downs, ebbs and flows, "a time for every matter under heaven" (Eccles 3:1b). How we live that out shows much more about our relationship with God and our understanding of the principles in Ecclesiastes than we might like to admit. Whether you think you're in a good or bad one, this is a season and it will change. After all, God is sovereign over all of it. So will you face it with fear or FAITH? Come join us at 9:09 & 11:11am. #UnderTheSun

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