No two words have more defined a fast food restaurant business than, "My Pleasure." Six days a week you can hear those beautiful words as you leave your local Chick-fil-a. On today's episode Cody sits down with former US Marine Corp Pilot and current owner and operator Scott Payne, of the Purcellville, Virginia Chickfila. This is the same Chick-fil-a where the Shieldwall Bible Study holds their meetings and where Cody takes his family to enjoy The Original "Humble" Chicken Sandwich. Scott is "always faithful" ... to his family, to the LORD and and to the Chick-fil-a promise. You will hear what its like opening, running and maintaining excellent service from the perspective of a man truly out to serve you and your family "a meal filled with hospitality." Oh, and we also ask the question: Which is better? Chicken Stripes or Chicken Nuggets?

"Semper fi", Scott! Thank you for your service!... keep the promise and hold em accountable.

Host: Cody

Guest: Scott Payne, owner/operator Chickfila 


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Credits: Intro/Outro music by Jeremiah McCann and Ethan Dean. If you like what you hear, feel free to contact him @

Audio Production by Cody and Ethan.

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